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PSYCH-BA - Psychology


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Degree Designation

BA - Bachelor of Arts



NYSED Program Code

35597 - PSYCH-BA

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Psychology Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Psychology discipline is to encompass the knowledge, skills, and values that are necessary for students to acquire as undergraduates within the context of a liberal arts education while incorporating the broad theoretical and research bases of psychology using a variety of pedagogical models to prepare them for entrance into the workforce or acceptance into graduate or professional schools upon receipt of the baccalaureate degree. Students will reflect upon the importance of diversity and cross-cultural issues in the discipline.

Psychology Major Program Goals

Goal 1: Knowledge Base and Application: Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge and comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical findings, to discuss how psychological principles apply to behavioral phenomena.

Goal 2: Scientific Inquiry and Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate critical thinking, scientific reasoning, and an understanding of effective research methods. Students will be able to interpret scientific literature, and apply it to explain behavior and psychological phenomena.

Goal 3: Communication Skills: Students will learn to effectively communicate, demonstrating competence in their written work.

Goal 4: Ethical and social responsibility in a diverse world: Students will be able to recognize and apply the ethical standards of the discipline, and consider the impact of sociocultural issues on psychological theory, science and practice.