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BLKSTUD-BA - Black Studies


Official Name of Program

Black Studies

Plan Code


Department(s) Sponsoring Program



Degree Designation

BA - Bachelor of Arts



NYSED Program Code

35581 - BLKSTUD-BA

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The mission of the Black Studies Program is to provide an interdisciplinary intellectual arena in which students learn to critically examine, analyze, and interpret the African, African American, and Caribbean experiences. The Program offers a broad selection of courses addressing historical, cultural, sociological, political, economic, and psychological factors that affect the lives of African, African American, and Afro-Caribbean peoples. The curriculum stresses the skills necessary to think critically, write clearly, argue persuasively, and problem-solve effectively. Students are exposed to theory and research in a variety of subject matter and are encouraged to engage in active service and research beyond the classroom. The Annual Student Research Day, a recently created initiative, is a college-wide conference that gives outstanding undergraduate students the opportunity to present their own research to a forum of peers, family, faculty, and friends. Faculty in the Black Studies Program expect that our students will participate regularly in this event. In addition, faculty and students will be heavily involved in promoting participation in the CUNY Pipeline Program, encouraging students of color to attend graduate school.

Student learning objectives: Upon completing a Black Studies degree, graduates should:

  1. Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the diversity of experiences within the African Diaspora

  2. Understand the importance and distinction of various approaches to knowledge about Black peoples

  3. Possess and apply skills necessary to think critically, write clearly, argue persuasively, and problem-solve effectively

  4. Sharpen critical citizenship skills: effective agency, participation, and leadership in the intellectual and research domains of professional and community life

  5. Be ready for leadership in the community and post-graduate study