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Mission, Vision and Values


York College enriches lives and enables students to grow as passionate, engaged learners with the confidence to realize their intellectual and human potential as individuals and global citizens.



York College embraces integrity as a central value in all aspects of its engagement including teaching, learning, research and service. Integrity will emerge from committed, continuing and rigorous evaluation of all college policies, procedures and processes.


York College values cultivating a climate of acceptance, mutual respect and appreciation of unique differences across the human spectrum.

Intellectual Discovery and Creativity

York College values providing an intellectual environment where students and faculty will take ownership of and responsibility for excelling in academic inquiry, creativity, scholarship, research, interdisciplinary collaboration and professional growth.

Intentional Interactions

York College creates opportunities for productive and creative intentional interactions among the various groups of the college to foster a small college atmosphere.

Self-Reflection and Accountability

Each member of the York Community will reassess their effectiveness, identify challenges, create a plan to meet them, and improve decision-making and institutional effectiveness. 

Civic Engagement

Each member of the York College community assumes personal responsibility and awareness of our respective communities and strives to serve the common good.